Friday, April 13, 2007

The Weekend

This weekend was great. I did absolutely nothing on Friday night. On Saturday I went o a birthday party. And since the theme of this Blog is supposed to be QG's Lifemate, allow me to tell a little story.

The same group of people who had this party had one two Chirstmases ago. I met a guy there. As luck would have it, we hit it off. BUT, we never went out. I called him twice. No call back. I follow the Rule of Two so I never called him again--unceremoniously erased him from my cell phone!! You do know what the Rule of Two is right?

RULE OF TWO: when calling a potential suitor, said caller shal not call suitor more that twice where potential suitor has made two verbal commitments to return caller's call.

Anyway, later that following summer, the folks had another party. Former potential suitor was there. This time we didn't even speak, no acknowledgement or anything. This time, he choose to cozy up with someone else. Someone who was there when he first chose to cozy up with me. The new object of his coziness knows he tried to "get at" me at the Christmas party. But still, she went along with him. Has I been her, my thoughts would go something like this: "Potential suitor, when given the opportunity to choose between me and Queen Goddess. He chose Queen Goddess. I don't know what happened between them but I'm not playing second fiddle to Queen Goddess."

Skip to this Saturday's party. Former Potential Suitor was there. Once again, we didn't interact. And this time, he hit on yet another woman who knew he'd hit on me. So now, he's gone deep onto the bench! Men are pathetic. They will start from te top of any group and work their way down--and women, desperate as they are will go for it.