Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sunday--a post of it's own

Sunday gets it's own Post--just because there's so much background.

Mr. Thomas and I went to dinner and a movie. Normal date--right? I think we're
back "dating" again. He calls it dating, I call it NotDating™.
This was all after our talk about us going outside of his/my apartment. In his
Blue Team Mind, he thinks it's either/or--as
in either we go out or we stay in all the time. My
Pink Team Mind says we can do a mixture of both. We can stay in sometimes
(Thursday night at my house) or go out (Sunday night, dinner and a movie). My
way seems to have won out. WE (me, myself and I) like Mr. Thomas!

We met at the eatting spot. There's no wait! Ah, life is good. We get a table in the middle of everythign and everyone. I sit closest to Mr. Thomas-not across from him. He's so cute and smells so good. I look up, directly in front of me and who do I see? A Former Suitor, Engaged Cohabitating Liar (ECL).

Background info on ECL
I met him the first weekend of last October. We actually went out the night we met. We seemed to hit it off right from jump. The first night we were chatting about cars. He mentioned he had two--the Acura he was driving and a BMW at home. I asked if he owned a home--since he could afford two rather fancy cars. ECL assured me he owned a home and had all of his priorities straight. Score for him!

In the week to come, we spent nearly all of our free time together. He told me he was new here from Atlanta. That being the case, I got to pick all the places we went. The second weekend comes, we're supposed to go out. He disappears. The next morning, first thing, he calls me apologizing. He also said he had a confession to make: He didn't own a home. He did when he was in Atlanta and had just sold it. He wenton to say he was staying with friends until he found a place here. Something told me to leave him alone then but he was so persistent and apologetic, I gave him another chance.

Third weekend, he invites me to North Carolina to his son's football game. I stalled, knowing I didn't plan to go. I eventually told him I didn't feel comfortable going away and staying in a hotel with a man I hardly knew--let alone meeting his son. He understood.

Forth weekend comes. It's Halloween. He took me to a party hosted by one of his co-workers.

He's pressing me to make a commitment. I refused. Once again, I asked him why he'd never shown me where he lived. He regurgitated the story about his living with friends. I asked for an address, he got angry. I asked him to leave. Days later, he calls me and is apologetic again. This time he offered an address. I said it wasn't enough. I wanted to see where he layed his head at night. He obliged. ECL took me to a townhouse. We swept through quickly. But not quick enough for me to notice no telephones, no mr big dicks hot chicks pictures, and no mail--anywhere. Nothing to let me know that he or anyone else really lived there!

So basically, we date for a month and I cut him off. Thanksgiving rolls around, he is still callin gme. I'm becoming annoyed. Then he really started getting weird. Two weeks before Christmas, he calls me. I didn't answer. He calls my cell phone. I didn't answer. Within an hour, he'd called me 14 times on both phones. I was scared. A friend suggested I call him back to "defuse" the situation. I did. But that only made it worse. That night, my good friend was having a Christmas party across the street form my house. ECL asked if he could go--he only knew about the party because we'd started planning it back in the end of October. I go to the party. My very large downstairs neighbor walks me home. Guess who is loitering outside of my apartment building? You guessed it ECL!!!!!!!!! To make a long story short, ECL ended up in Neighbor's house. After that ECL ended up in MY apartment. I get a phone call from another male friend (just friends). I actually held a conversation with him. While I'm doing this, ECL starts giving me Favors™. YES boyz and girls! Favors™ while I was on the phone!! At one point, I told te person on the phone what was going on. Finally, I decide to get off the phone. Right now, you're probably thinking I'm just as crazy as ECL. That may be the case. But he was really good at Favors™. And who was I to not get all the pleasure (except for sex) from him? He's the lying bastard!!! After I was "done", I told him that I was engaged (I keep a fake ring on hand fo rsuch occasions). He didn't believe me but left. Fifteen minutes later, he calls me and says we need to go to breakfast and talk in the morning.

Next day, luckily, no call. He called a few times after that. Each time, from an odd number. And I'd hang up when I realized it was him. My birthday rolls around. He called. I didn't know who it was so I entertained him. But as soon as I realized it was him, I hung up. I scheduled to have both of my numbers changed the next day.

March 16, 2003. Two of my closest friends were visiting for the weekend. We're in my apartment doing our pre-party girl thing, when there's a knock on the door. I go to it, look out the peep-hole! Sweet mother of all things stalkerly, it's him!!! One of my girlfriends went to the door and told him I didn't live there anymore. Nevermind that my car was parked right outside or when she cracked the door, he could see my furniture. Three days later, he sends me an e-mail. I ignore it!

About a month ago, he instant messages me and tells me that he wants to come clean with the hopes that we can start over. He admitted to being engaged, and living with said fiancee at the time he was dating me. ECL assured me that they are no longer together and she has moved back to Texas. WTF-ever!!! Die bastard, die!!!